What is a ball valve? How it functions?

What is a ball valve? How it functions?

Ball valves find their application as a device that is used to shut off the flow of water or liquid in the plumbing or in heating machinery. Used during the monitoring of the system or during emergency conditions, these valves act to shut down the flow of the liquid for maintenance purposes and cleaning purposes too. In the path of the flow of fluid, there is a ball that has a certain hole in it, that allows the fluid to pass through the valve. The flow of the liquid can be controlled by rotating the knob, which moves the ball within the valve, thus turning on and off the flow of fluid. Used using different materials like bronze, brass, steel, and PVC to make the bodies of the ball valves. See here complete details http://camtechballvalve.info/.

Working of the ball valve:

The main components of the ball valve include the ball which is present inside the valve, stem, seat, handle for operating the valve, the gasket and the seal. Upon turning the valve by 90 degrees, the operation of the valve can be changed, thus it belongs to the quarter-turn family of the valves.  The seat presses tightly against the seal, thus giving a tight connection for the equipment. Different types of ball valves include:

·        Venturi ball valve

·        Reduced ball valve

·        Full bore ball valve

Full bore valve, when put on, will allow the entire flow of liquid to pass through the valve, thus making the entire flow of the liquid through the valve.

The stem fits directly into the slot on one side of the ball and fits into the handle on another side of the ball. The movement of the handle thus brings about a change in the operation of the ball valve. When the handles are moved, the change in the ball’s position leads to an increase or decrease in the flow of the liquid through the pipelines.

Advantage of Ball valve:

·        As the ball valve works on the principle of movement of the ball, there is a minimum to no drop in pressure flow of the liquid.

·        The ball valve is faster in operation compared to other forms of the valves.

·        There is no need for any form of lubrication while operating the valve

·        It is economical and fits within the organizational budget

Disadvantages of the ball valve:

·        There might be times when the reduced flow might be the requirement. But, ball valves don’t permit the reduced flow, rather the regulation of flow is absent.

·        Unsuitable for high thermal operations.

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