What are the advantages and disadvantages of a Pressure Cooker?

By using a cooker, you can save a lot of money on fuel and that’s you will find pressure cooker in every household. The temperature in the cooker is raised by boiling liquid and then steam is raised in it which prepares the food. There are a variety of pressure cookers available in the market, but the main purpose of the cookers is to prepare food with steam. Before investing in a pressure cooker, you should find out about the pros and cons of it.

Advantages of cooker

  • The pressure cooker helps prepare food faster, and it helps in saving your time. The cooking would take less time when you will make food in a pressure cooker. Using pressure cooker can save your 75% of energy as compared to the open vessel.
  • The cooker can cook food 30% faster as compared to the other vessels and pots.
  • The food which is cooked in pressure cooker maintains most of its vitamins inside it. The food which is boiled can lose its nutrients, but pressure cooker cooks food with steam, and that’s why the food will taste better.
  • The pressure cooker can be used in higher or lower elevation both. It stays stable in every atmosphere, and you can cook food with convenience and fast pace.

If you like the above advantages you can buy a new pressure cooker, with the help of online portals.

Disadvantages of pressure cooker

  • You have to learn the way to use it otherwise; it might become difficult to cook food properly in the pressure cooker. The recipes need to be changed when someone cooks food in cooker, and particularly timing is changed.
  • The pressure cooker is locked safely with its rubber lid, but one can’t check the condition of food inside the cooker when it is getting cooked. It will lose pressure, and then the food will start cooking again.
  • Most of the times, a pressure cooker can overcook the food, and this happens when you don’t pay notice on the time and whistles. If the veggies in a pressure cooker are soft, then they are most likely to get overcooked.

So, these are the advantages and disadvantages of preparing food in the cooker, and it can be an amazing experience. One should prepare food in the cooker only with the assistance of a person who knows how to cook food in the pressure cooker; otherwise the problem of overcooking can prevail. Buying pressure cooker would only be nutritious and energy saver for you.

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