Pedestal Fan Vs Table Fan- Which is better?

When it comes to fans that are portable the two choices inevitably come to mind the table fan and the pedestal fan. It is important to consider the features of the pedestal fan and the table fan.

The features

The features that have to be compared to conclude whether a pedestal fan is better or a table fan is better are:

Sweep area– The pedestal fans have a wider sweep area than the table fans. Similarly, in a table fan, the rotation of the fan is along a central axis. The central rod might make it possible for a wider area coverage of air. But, the flow of air is intermittent owing to the rotation around the central rod.

The flow of air– The pedestal fans usually cover a larger area than the table fans. The advanced technology ensures that the coverage is wide yet the fan works noiselessly. In a table fan the area covered is less and it produces a greater noise than the Pedestal fan.

Stand- The pedestal fans are free-standing. They have a stand. The table fans have to be placed on a table, desk or counter. This means despite being a portable fan, it is not as portable as a pedestal fan. Also, when you are thinking of placing a fan in a small room, the pedestal fan that comes with a stand that occupies lesser space is a good option. This means your saving floor space required to place a table to make the table fan functional.

Power consumption-The pedestal fans produce air that is almost as good as that of the ceiling fan. However, it produces such quality air using just about the same number of watts as that of a ceiling fan or it is sometimes even lower in the case of energy-efficient fans in the market. However, as mentioned earlier, the airflow is intermittent in a table fan and it consumes slightly higher power than pedestal fans.

Features- The pedestal fans are stylish and trendy and are designed to match the classy look of the interior spaces. you cannot say the same as far as table fans are concerned. The table fans usually come with just the airflow adjustment knobs.

The pedestal fans score better than the table Fans. They do so in terms of most of the factors. It is better to go in for a pedestal fan in India when compared to a table fan.

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