Overview of major kinds of running shoes

Running is the most effective way of keeping in shape and avoiding a host of lifestyle diseases. There is no need for any equipment or special facilities to run. The only important thing that should not be neglected is a pair of good quality Running Shoes. Running shoes prevent injuries and enhance the efficiency of running. There are many types of running shoes available in the market. Some of the main types have been mentioned here.

Lightweight trainers

Lightweight trainers are ideal for runners who prefer high speed running. Such running shoes are designed for sprints, intervals, tempo runs, and fartleks. The amount of foam used in lightweight trainers is lesser as compared to other kinds of running shoes. They also don’t have much cushioning. The design of the shoes enables the foot to gain more strength through more natural movements.

Lightweight trainers are not suitable for people who have just started training because shock absorption and cushioning are less.

Racing flats

Racing flats are designed for races. They come in a plethora of cushioning ranging from minimum cushioning for small distance races to a large amount of cushioning for marathons. Racing flats are not designed for daily running because they are stiffer as compared to trainers, which inhibit free movement of the foot during training. Racing flats can be used for training some time before the race day to get a feel and prevent problems during racing.

Trail shoes

Trail shoes are Running Shoes designed to negotiate across rugged surfaces, mud, grass, dirt tracks, rocky terrains, and hard paths. The shoes provide complete support and protection to the feet, especially ankles against rocky and other kinds of surfaces and prevent injuries. Trail shoes also provide good traction on uneven, soft, and slippery surfaces due to better grip of the soles.


Spikes are very light running shoes having plastic or metal spikes fitted at the front portion. The plastic plate attached at the bottom makes the spikes very stiff. Spikes make you land your foot on its ball while running. Cushioning is very less although spikes designed for cross country running or 10,000 m races have some amount of cushioning.

Stability shoes

Stability shoes reduce or prevent excessive pronation. Pronation means inward rolling of the foot on impact with the ground. Excessive pronunciation needs to be corrected. The stability shoes provide good midsole cushioning and high ankle and arch support, thereby reducing or preventing high pronation.

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