Microwave Oven Vs. OTG Oven: Which is better?

Both OTG and Microwave may appear identical. However, there are fundamental variations between them. It’s the way they operate. The method of heating up utilizing electricity with their heating elements is variant.


This portable appliance is utilized for 3 purposes, as the name implies. It makes use of the heating coil that is on the bottom and top of the food, for heating the food. One can utilize either or both the coils based on one’s requirement. OTG temperature aids in cooking food easily and comfortably. It is thermostat controlled.

Microwave Oven

This appliance cooks and heats the food using microwaves. It is utilized for cooking, reheating, baking, roasting, and so on. The food is purposed to eat right away.

Variations between the two

Both of them operate on electricity, but electricity consumption is variant in them. Nickel or Chromium coils heat up with the help of electricity, and the heating element thus heated begins spreading heat, thereby cooking food. This way, electricity is consumed more, and uneven heat distribution occurs in OTG.

Food can be overcooked or not evenly cooked, leaving some portions either raw or burnt. Microwaves use up less electricity, and quick-cooking is possible in it. The heat distributed is even with more space within the appliance.

OTG needs more speed to heat up as well as to cool down as compared to a microwave. This implies that a waiting period in between is more in OTG. This way, a microwave is a lot more economical than OTG.

Temperature can be controlled in OTG with various options. It has to be handled manually. But in a microwave, the temperature control is automatic through settings.

The size of a microwave oven and OTG is also variable. OTG is portable and small in comparison to a microwave.

Today, a solo microwave oven is part of every household and an important kitchen gadget. Its time efficiency feature is the primary reason for its popularity. It saves time, electricity and even in cooking.

These days, a microwave oven is not just a heating appliance in the kitchen. It is used for various other purposes such as grilling, roasting, baking, cooking, defrosting, and so on. Easy restaurant type dishes can be cooking in a microwave.

Which one to select between a Microwave Oven and an OTG?     

The selection depends on various factors and, more importantly, on your choice. For a food enthusiast with cooking as his or her passion with sufficient patience, then OTG can be chosen. One can cook food using baking and cooking skills for insufficient time. But for a person who is looking for instant food and not very good at cooking, then a microwave oven could be chosen. There are no tingled elements in a microwave, as in an OTG that hurts. The other factor is based on the variety and the number of individuals. For simple and lesser cooking, a microwave oven is best suited. For more number of individuals and more types of food, an OTG oven is best.

Both microwave and an OTG oven operation uses are similar, although the operation is a little variant. The primary difference is the time taken and the element of heating utilized in the appliance.

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