Important Features to Consider in Buying Refrigerators

Investing in a refrigerator must be done rightly, and heading for just a good looking refrigerator is not enough. There are many more aspects to look for when purchasing a refrigerator to get a good deal out of it.

Below are listed some important features to consider when purchasing a decent refrigerator:

Understand the primary types of refrigerator

A fridge comes in 4 primary styles:

  • Side-by-Side: In these refrigerators, 2 doors are present which open outwardly, and the fridge and the freezer are positioned side by side to each other.
  • French door- It’s the same as side by side, but the placement of the freezer is at the bottom.
  • Bottom Freezer- The fridge is placed above the freezer at the bottom.
  • Top Freezer- The positioning of the freezer is at the top while the fridge is positioned below the freezer.

These fundamental models may come certain add-ons and differences in styles, designs, colors, and features. However, it is an individual’s choice to identify the best suitable and good looking one that suits your lifestyle and space. It is best to research before purchasing fridge under 10000 one rather than getting overwhelmed with the many models available in the market.

Consider all the space

Select a refrigerator carefully that fits your kitchen or dining space before making a purchase. This is very important. Always remember to keep spatial limitations in your space in mind to avoid bumping and blocking the movement.

Take your lifestyle into account

The style and size of the refrigerator are influenced by your living, whether you are single or married, with kids or without or have any physical issues. Door-in-door fits in bigger families with 3 compartments along with a freezer at the bottom for optimum storage. A traditional model with a top freezer is apt for a single buyer. For people having back issues, double-door or top freezer models are better as they do not need more bending.

Take your food habits into account

Refrigerators differ in features such as freezer space, produce drawer numbers, ice maker capabilities, and compartments in-doors. To make sure you select wisely, look at the priority food types and what you tend to use daily in the fridge, how often you buy, and storage quantities. If you are a person who consumes plenty of frozen dinners, then you have to look for a good spaced freezer. A dual door or a bottom freezer refrigerator model is a good pick in such a case. If you are a person who stores lots of produce, then multiple drawer models are a good fit. Milk or a juice drinker, consider adjustable shelved double door fridges to fit in your juices and milk cans within the compartment space. If you are big on guests and entertaining, make sure your refrigerator has ample space for larger platters accommodation.

Cleaning suitability

Wire shelves need more cleaning as compared to smooth glass or plastic shelves. The external material of the refrigerator also matters. Stainless steel or a material with a finish that is smudge-free is good for easy cleaning.

Bearing the above factors in mind and keeping your need and suitability of the refrigerator in the picture, selecting a fridge with an energy-efficient star rating will go in for the long run.

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