How to use a hair dryer properly

A blow dryer can cause damage to the hair. The excess heat from the hairdryer can be the cause of frizz and dull hair. Hair fall is likely to happen for blow-drying. However, using the blow dryer in a right way avoids these disadvantages. It needs patience and time to use the dryer properly. The following steps are to be followed to get the benefits of a hairdryer.

1) Wash the hair properly: There are many ways to wash hair. Washing hair depends on the type of hair. Regular shampooing can cause damage to the hair. Over-washing causes hair fall and frizz. Thin hair is likely to get greasy and need frequent washing and shampooing while thick and curly need less washing. However, using a good shampoo and conditioner is necessary.

2) Drying hair with a towel after washing: After washing, one should damp the hair with a towel, which cuts the time of blow-drying. It reduces the amount of heat the hair gets during hair drying. Using a soft towel is ideal for drying hair as it doesn’t disturb the normal hair texture roughly.

3) Applying heat protectants and other hair products: This is a necessary step before blow-drying. Using a heat protectant locks the moisture in the hair and forms a barrier to heat from the hairdryer. It is very harmful to hair to get directly heated. Also, other hair products should be used before using a hairdryer.

4) Using clips to make sections in hair: Drying your hair all together is very difficult as it is heavy for the water in it. Taking your hair in one hand and hairdryer in others makes it unmanageable. So, to dry up your hair properly and reduce the weight from hands, one should divide the hair into small sections with clips. Dry up the hair taking each section at once.

5) Brushing hair: The section of hair to dry is then taken removing the clip and then brush it. It detangles the hair and makes it easy for you to dry up.

6) Hair drying: One should choose the ideal dryer for various hair types. A Good hairdryer should be chosen according to your hair volume, frizz, curls, and also special needs. Before starting to blow dry, the heat settings should be managed. Excess heat can cause hair damage. So, it is advised to set the temperature to the lowest and then increase it gradually. A small amount of hair should be taken under process. Blow-dry the hair section while combing it downward. Combing hair while blow-drying controls the frizz. To create a wavy look, twist a small section and then blow dry it. To dry up the upper section, comb it forward and blow dry it. To have volume, the roots of the hair on top of the head should be blow-dried. When your hair is nearly dried, pull out the clips and give a tussle. It gives the hair more volume.

7) Applying gloss or hair serums: Blow drying your hair can cause dryness. To remove dryness, use a gloss or hair serum. Hair serums give hair shine and slick. It also protects hair from frizz.

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