How to choose the right Kitchen Chimney Size

The chimneys are one of the best inventions of mankind. In olden days chimneys were only used to put away the smoke from the firewood that kept the house warm. But nowadays the chimneys are chiefly used in the kitchen to prevent the smoke from ruining the atmosphere of the kitchen. The cooking fumes can also cause grime and grease dirt to stick in the walls and other appliances in the kitchen, but now because of the kitchen chimneys, this problem is gone.

Want to know how to buy the chimney for your home? The kitchen chimney is the electrical appliance that is created to assist you in getting rid of the smoke and odor. It also takes in all the oil particles that are released in the air while cooking. Here is the 10k  budget chimney buying guide for you to know which size of the chimney is the proper size for your kitchen.

The size of the chimney

The standard size of the kitchen chimney available is 60 cm to 90 cm. Select the size of the chimney that depends on the size of the stove you use. The size of the kitchen also must be taken into account. The size of the chimney has to be slightly bigger than the stove for it to absorb the smoke quickly and effectively. Usually, for the two to four burners stove, the chimney size 60 cm is the best. For the burners of three to four, you can choose the size 90 cm of the kitchen chimney.

The size of the kitchen chimney has to be the size of the stove or larger than it. It should never be smaller.

If the kitchen chimney size is small, then the cooking fumes will escape the kitchen chimney suction power and then will spread throughout the kitchen, causing you discomfort.

Along with the size, there are other things also you need to keep in mind. Then only everything will fit in the bigger picture.

The kitchen chimneys

There are many types of kitchen chimneys like-

  • Wall-mounted kitchen chimney

This type of chimney is installed against the surface of the wall and the cooktop.

  • Island kitchen chimney

The cooking platform will be installed in the center of the kitchen. This is quite away from the wall.

  • Built-in kitchen chimney

This chimney is integrated inside the kitchen, woodwork against the wall.

  • Corner kitchen chimney

The corner chimney, as the name suggests, is fitted in the corner. The hob will also be located at the corner of the wall.

The matter of price

The size of the kitchen chimney will set its price. The bigger the kitchen chimney, the costlier it will be like some of the kitchen chimneys with extra capabilities are large, so this will considerably increase the price. So if you are planning to buy a large chimney, also take care of the price and see if it fits your budget as well as the kitchen.

These are the ways that will help you to choose the right kitchen chimney size.

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