How men around struggling with fake sexual harassment claims?

In 2014, Avinash Mehta, a resident of Kanpur, surprisingly received a friend request from an unknown lady named Namrata on facebook and without giving it much thought, he accepted the same. They both started to chat for long hours and soon became very close friends. This friendship then turned into a long distance relationship and without even meeting once, both of them felt love with each other. This was when this lady once asked some money from Avinash stating that she needs to pay the fees for her coaching. Without thinking much, Avinash transferred the amount and the trend kept on going for the next few months.

Avinash Pandey Sexual Harassment

It was one day when Avinash refused to transfer the money in her account and this was when he came through with the biggest shock of his life. The lady filed a sexual harassment against him and made her go behind the bars. Even after providing a big list of evidences, which also included all the call recordings of the conversations between them, he wasn’t been able to proved his innocence in the same case. Luckily, a lawyer named Ashok pandey got to read about his case and decided to fight the same in the court for Avinash. Pandey brought all his knowledge in use to acquit Avinash from all the sexual harassment charges and even though it was quite tough, he succeeded in his aim with all the right knowledge and expertise in his profession.

Avinash was one fine example of what is happening currently in our society in the name of “women empowerment”. Ever since the infamous “Nirbhaya” case surfaced all the news headlines and social media forums, people went along with the thoughts that it’s always the men fraternity which is at fault, no matter what. And yes, not everyone could’ve arranged for a lawyer like pandey and this is where the situation has worsened.

Just a few months back, a news regarding the suicide of an Indian techie did rounds across all the news and social media platforms and as per sources, it was been said that the guy was allegedly involved in a sexual harassment case against two of his colleagues in the office. Ironically, it was been later found that the management suspended the guy without any ground proofs which further led to his suicidal death. Well that was something which sparked a fresh controversy in regards to all the fake and fabricated sexual harassment cases against men.

Some of the most famous personalities and celebrities came down on social media in order to lend their support towards the unending fake claims against all the men in most of the sexual harassment cases. Ruchika pandey, a social activist, posted on her twitter whilst saying, “Even whilst iam a women, I feel ashamed for being on the other side as the guy wasn’t at fault by any means. Whatever happened to him can happen to our own loved ones and if we won’t come forward, things will become worse”. Avinash verma, a known businessman, also voiced his opinion in the same context. “This is quite ridiculous and we really need to do something about it before it’s too late. Men also do have some feelings and emotions and they must be treated in a human way.”

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