Foot Massager Machine Advantages and Disadvantages

Everyone loves a massage be it body, head or foot. Massages are preferred as it is relaxing and rejuvenating. It helps us relax our sore muscles and relieve the stress caused by day to day activities. Earlier you had to schedule an appointment well in advance for getting massages but these you can get one in the comfort of your home through portable massaging machines.

Standing on feet for a longer duration of time can result in soreness and aches. Having a foot massager at home is an easy, effective and convenient way to relax your muscles and reduce the pain in your feet. 

Advantages of Foot Massager Machine

Getting a 10 minutes foot massage after a long day at work is a perfect gift. Owing a foot or leg massager machine allows you to relax aching feet, in addition to this other advantages of using a foot massager is as follows:

1.    Improves Blood circulation: walking is considered as the best exercise to stay healthy. But changes in our current lifestyle have reduced our walking time to almost nil, which may result in health issues. In such a situation getting a ten to twenty-minute feet massage every now and then will result in increased blood circulation in your legs and feet.

2.    Helps you relax and reduce headache: some of the sensitive muscles run through our feet. And few of these nerves can affect our brain function. Most headaches caused due to stress can be reduced by improving blood circulation in your feet. Consider getting a foot massager and using it to experience the soothing effect it has to feet, legs, and brain.

3.    Reduces anxiety: soreness or pain caused due to stress can affect your overall mood. But a lot of time a good relaxing foot massage machine can relieve this stress, reduce your anxiety and elevate the mood.

4.    Better sleeping: are you somebody who has a tough time getting a good night sleep, then try using a foot massager machine at the end of the end. Massager will help you unwind, relax and go to sleep.

5.    Portable: the best part of a foot massager is small in size that can be easily carried and moved around the home. You can get a 10 minutes foot massage while watching TV which helps you rejuvenate and face yet another day.

Disadvantages of foot massager machine

A foot massager is beneficial in terms of health and circulation of blood. But a massager can only relief soreness and pain experienced in the muscles. A foot massage does not work for pain caused due to a broken bone or laceration.

Further using a foot massager may result in temporary side effects like frequent urination. This is mainly for eliminating toxins built up in our body over a period of time. Other common side effects may be feeling of tenderness in the feet, which goes away after a short walk However, when buying a foot massager machine, check the product to see whether it comes with safety features to avoid electric shocks. Also, buy such massager that is comfortable and convenient to use.

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