Download these 5 Amazing Wallpaper Apps to have a great Home and Lock screen

Everyone wants that his/her phone looks good in background while using. It also shows the personality of the individual, how he thinks, reacts in certain cases. There are numerous apps available on different operating platforms. These apps vary in size, features, resolutions etc. You can set your favourite Animal, Landscape, television or movie character, cars, etc. as wallpaper. These wallpapers can also be sorted by age, gender, preference, etc. The list is as follows-

  • Walli- It has a cool and unique collection of Wallpapers in HD and 4K quality. The home interface is divided into different sections like recent, popular, categories and featured. Wallpapers recommended by this app appear in featured section. Desired wallpaper can be selected from this wide variety.
  • Wallpapers by Google- It is specifically designed for the users of Android smartphones. It has a great collection of different wallpapers from Google Earth, Google+ and other sources. Unique wallpapers can be selected for both Lock screen and Home screen. Various categories of these wallpapers are: Geometric shapes, seascapes, landscapes, cityscapes, etc.
  • Resplash- This app has a stunning user interface. You can easily navigate between different types of wallpapers. Layout can also be changed in the application settings. Dark theme is the major plus point in this application. New auto wallpaper feature is also there which select the wallpaper according to personal preferences.
  • Tapet- This app helps in generating new wallpapers through algorithms which means you don’t need to download any wallpaper which is unique feature. Auto change of wallpaper can be set up on daily or hourly basis. Size of this app is also very small.
  • Backdrops- Backdrops team handcrafts the wallpapers in this app which results in unique and original wallpapers which is an impressive thing. Various categories include Pattern, Geometric, Earth, Food, Abstract, Photography, etc. “Wall of the Day” option is created daily for the launch of new wallpaper. This app is free to download but consists of adds. To remove adds you need to buy a pro version.

Wallpaper is the first thing a person sees when he/she opens his/her mobile phone. So, the look of the mobile needs to be freshen-up after a certain period of time so that it does not become monotonous. You can download these apps from a third-party store9apps for free,which is a very good alternative to Google Play store. 9Apps download android has risen fast in popularity as over 97 million people are using it due to its amazing features. It consists of various applications of HD wallpapers in compact size which do not hampers the storage of your mobile phone. You can also choose from the option between simple HD wallpaper andLive wallpapers. In Live wallpapers, the image keeps on moving like a video giving it a live experience. Some wallpaper can also be set as screensavers, which is also a unique feature. So, get your favourite wallpaper today and change the look of your phone.

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